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health in the palm OF YOUR HAND

Specially designed for families, the Bhealth application is compatible with Android and
IOS, it ensures the monitoring of various health data through the connection of CE Medic Certified devices, ensuring the records of the measurements taken at that time, have the possibility of being shared with your health professional. While the CAREGIVER mode allows for the records of the measurements and medication intakes to be supervised by a family member or caregiver remotely. 

The APP also includes solutions from complementary providers within the control of the development of dementia, psychological support, among many other additional services, especially aimed at your health and well-being. The Bhealth solution is free for families with households for up to 5 users, just purchase any Bhealth product, install our APP and start using it.


Install the Bhealth APP, purchase the medical devices online and start measuring your health data, as well as that of the whole family autonomously and confidentially in the comfort of your own home. The APP informs you of each reading in a simple way, if it is
within the regular parameters, it ensures the timing of medication intake, allows consultations with professionals by telemedicine and much more. Algorithms, correlate the data and inform potential precautions which need to be taken. We also address
areas such as neurological degradation, dementia and Alzheimer’s, clarifying their physical and nutritional condition on a daily basis. Through a QRCODE you can
immediately share your clinical information and measurements with your doctor.

simplified interaction

The application was designed and structured on a simplified operation base, with quick access to all its components.

The various functions provide intuitive and easy access, designed for a population that often finds technology a real challenge. The multilingual system allows for a better understanding of the functions and its almost 30 functions, ensuring a daily and informed monitoring of your health.

Card System – Select a device or service and start using it. The more devices you purchase, the more cards you will have available to operate. The system is modular, so you can acquire products and services over time. An SOS button ensures that, in case of need, you can call a family member or friend immediately.

The calendar – allows you to ensure the notification of all health-related commitments, defined by you or your doctor, while being notified whenever something requires your intervention. Whether it’s a teleconsultation, taking medication or even a health status questionnaire, nothing will be forgotten.

MyLife with Bclose – you can access the Bhealth community where you will have the best information relevant to your health, new Bhealth products, general and informative curiosities so that you are always aware of the best that is being done in health worldwide.

Appointment Notification System – The information is presented in a simplified and orderly manner, simply by interacting with the cards to intervene.

Documentary deposit of exams -The best way to centrally store all your exams and share them whenever necessary with your doctor. In the case of paper exams, the system provides a way to take a photograph and thus file the information.

Chat Room – Do you have a doubt/question that does not justify a teleconsultation? Clarify directly with your doctor through the Chat system with the possibility of including photographs, your doctor will respond
as soon as possible.

a growing world of products and services

We actively promote the inclusion of multiple devices and services so your solution
never becomes stale and uninteresting. Generous and colorful graphic elements ensure an effective and objective reading of your health status.

A growing network of professionals available to advise and accompany you in all matters related to your well-being, just a click away. Share in real time and while in conference, your biomedical measurements and exams in a simple way.

The screen associated with each medical device ensures relevant indicators that can be interpreted by themselves even without medical knowledge. A color system makes it possible to interpret your data as normal or critical.

We ensure a history of your measurements over time to understand your progress. This information may also be accessible by your doctor remotely if you should chose to allow it.

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